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What is Ambien? It is a sedative that is often referred as hypnotic medication, which affects brain’s chemicals that may have been the cause of insomnia in people. People buy Ambien as its single pill can help fall asleep leaving all issues far behind. The drug is short-acting, yet very effective in most cases. If it is taken according to basic doctor’s prescriptions, it helps even those, who’ve been suffering from insomnia for a quite long time.

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Ambien Adverse Reactions

There are reported cases of allergic reactions that occur after the intake of medication. Some basic ones are:

  • • breathing problems;
  • • nausea;
  • • possible vomiting;
  • • hives;
  • • swelling of the whole face or its parts.

These are usually not serious ones and they leave during an hour or so. Nevertheless, there are other more serious conditions which occurrence requires special medical attention:

  • • memory loss;
  • • aggression;
  • • depression;
  • • confusion;
  • • unusual extroversion;
  • • visual hallucinations;
  • • suicidal ideas;
  • • sleepiness in the daytime.

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Deterioration or drowsiness usually gets worse in sufferers, who are impaired as well as in elderly people. There are also so-called in-mouth adverse reactions like tickling and pricking of the tongue, tingling and burning sensations in the mouth. Red bumps also occur under the tongue. Some patients leave the bed when they are not completely awake. During this time they sleep-walk, cook, eat, drive a vehicle, make phone calls, have sex etc. If you experience any of the mentioned reactions, call a doctor to prevent them from getting severer.

Ambien Abuse and Its Effects

There are various negative consequences that Ambien abuse leads to. The commonest ones are:

  • • addiction;
  • • withdrawal symptoms;
  • • physical dependence in patients;
  • • overdose risks, especially when the medication is combined with other drugs as well as alcohol.

Prolonged abuse results in dependence. It usually leads to clinically significant impairment, distress, persistent desire to take the drug, drug tolerance, etc.

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